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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Visit by US Homeland Security


Two London-based investigators from the US Department of Homeland Security have been in Gibraltar to establish closer links with the Royal Gibraltar Police. 


On the first day of their visit they were briefed by members of the RGP Command Team in order that the visitors could better understand the demands placed upon the local police force and the way in which it meets those demands.


The main themes under discussion were Counter Terrorism, Child Sexual Exploitation, Financial Crime, Cyber Crime and Drug Trafficking.


On the second day, the visitors held a series of meetings and briefings with officers from the RGP’s Special Branch, RGP Economic Crime Unit and the Gibraltar Financial Intelligence Unit, on issues surrounding transnational organised crime, legislative instruments, case studies, and investigative capacity.


Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger said:


‘We were delighted when we were asked to host a visit from Homeland Security.  In the future we aim to build a closer relationship with their organisation so that we can share information and intelligence and I was particularly grateful for their offer of access to some of their many assets and capabilities.’