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When you should not ring the emergency line…


A few members of the public have called the 199 emergency number recently for reasons that are, quite frankly, not an emergency.


Not surprisingly, this takes up valuable time and prevents Control Room officers from dealing with real emergencies, where someone’s life may be at risk.


Just this week, for example, a local woman called 199 to complain that she couldn’t get through to the Passport Office and wanted us to find out what time it opened.


This is not an emergency.


Some recent astonishing examples of calls to the 199 emergency number include: 


• Asking us to contact a take-away to ask why your food is taking so long (as you have no credit). 


• Asking us to call a family member in the UK as you’ve had a missed call from them (as you have no credit).


• Calling about lost property.


• Calling to find out the duty pharmacy number.


• Calling to inform us that you’ve lost your keys and want help breaking into your flat.


In genuine emergencies, always call 199


But for non-emergencies you can call 200 72500, report online at or visit New Mole House Police Station.


For minor enquiries such as lost property, you can call our Reception directly on 200 47862


Please note, the Reception is monitored by our civilian staff during office hours only, which are 8.30am to 3pm, Monday to Thursday and 8.30am to 2.30pm on Fridays.