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Young detectives discover who stole Mr Bones

When St Anne’s Upper Primary School found that Mr Bones, their skeleton, seemed to have gone missing, it was a job for the detectives of Year 3, assisted by PC Steve Peach of the RGP.

PC Peach taught the young detectives how to keep the area sterile and the importance of preserving all the evidence.  Everyone then used magnifying glasses to look for clues such as footprints, fingerprints and strands of hair. Significantly, they found a rope hanging out of a window and an outline on the floor which was shaped like a minion!

Having considered all the evidence, the children came to the conclusion that Mr Bones had been taken by a Mnion – and they were right!

Happily, Mr Bones has been safely recovered and he is now back in the school.

Year 3 staff said that ‘It really got all the pupils engaged and it was all they could talk about all day.”