• Police Kids Summer Camp

    The initiative is part of the Summer Sports Programme 2014 delivered by the Royal Gibraltar Police working in partnership with the Gibraltar Sports and Leisure Authority.

    It is going to be a week of living the life of a Police officer.
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  • In Case Of EMERGENCY
    always call 199

    We are always here to help you with any issues or concerns within your community. However if you have a real emergency ALWAYS call 199.
    If you want to report a matter to Police and it is not an emergency, please call 200 72500.
  • Neighbourhood
    Policing Unit

    Neighbourhood Policing is a local service to improve 'quality of life' by working closely with the community.

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  • Confidential
    Drugs Hotline

    Call us with information on Tel: 200 77677

    Any information that you provide will be anonymous and will be dealt with in strict confidentiality.

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Operation Roadwatch 2013-2014

Duty Pharmacy Today:

WATERPORT PHARMACY, Unit 14, Crown Daisy House, Waterport Terraces

Opening Times: Mon- Friday: 7pm-9pm - Weekends/Public Holidays : 11am-1pm & 6pm-8pm

Thank the RGP

The Royal Gibraltar Police is proud to deliver quality policing. To do this we have implemented measures in order to make your contact and experience with us a professional one.

If you feel that you have had any of these, we would like you to share this with us. It not only gives you the opportunity to thank the people concerned, but it informs the Senior Officers and Staff of the RGP of some of the good things we are doing.

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