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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Cyber Safety

The internet is easy, convenient and fun, but such convenience can often be risky too. Just as in the physical world, some of the risks online can have serious and lasting consequences.

Cyber safety is about acting safely and responsibly on the Internet and other connected environments. Such behaviours protect personal information and reputation and include safe practices to minimise danger online.


In its simplest form, cyber crime is any offence which is committed through, or enabled by, the use of technology, whether or not the offence is predicated solely on the technological element or whether the technology merely assists the perpetrator in the commission of the offence.

Police often break cyber crime down into two categories:

Cyber enabled crime – traditional crimes committed using the internet.  e.g. theft, harassment, fraud, identity theft, selling stolen goods, drug dealing or people smuggling.

Cyber dependent crime - online crimes where a digital system is the target.  These include attacks on computer systems to disrupt IT infrastructures, e.g. unauthorised access (hacking), malicious software programming (malware) or denial of service.

The Royal Gibraltar Police is committed to reducing crime and protecting victims of crime. The collection of various resources and links included within this section of our website aims to minimise the impact of this rapidly evolving crime type on our residents and business community.