On the morning of Thursday 16th March 2017, His Excellency the Governor Lt General Edward Davis carried out a familiarisation visit to Laguna and Glacis Estates with Commissioner of Police Eddie Yome.

The purpose of the visit was for His Excellency to see, on the ground, the work carried out by the Royal Gibraltar Police within the estates and acquaint himself with the two estates.  During the visit His Excellency met with representatives of the respective Tennant Associations.  He also took the opportunity of visiting the Youth Club at Laguna estate and viewed first hand the refurbishment works currently being carried out. 

This has been the first of series of planned visits to local residential estates. 


As previously reported, the RGP launched an investigation following the actions taken by senior military officers that precipitated the events of the 8th February 2017 at the airport, which also resulted in lengthy delays for traffic and pedestrians. Pursuant to this investigation, on the 1st March 2017 the RGP arrested three senior military officers currently deployed to British Forces Gibraltar. All three were subsequently granted bail whilst investigations continued.

These investigations have revealed that the actions taken by the three military officers were due to a misconception about jurisdiction which they had received from superiors in their chain of command.  In view of that, the three officers have written to the Commissioner of Police apologising for their actions and expressing their regrets, including for the disruption caused to the public on the day. On the basis of all the information now at the RGP’s disposal, and in close consultation with the Office of the Attorney General, it has been determined by the Commissioner, in his discretion, that no further action is required. As a consequence all three senior military officers have been recalled from their bail and released from arrest with no charges being proffered against them.

The RGP wishes to reiterate the excellent working relationship that it has always enjoyed with the MOD in Gibraltar and is confident that the events of the last weeks will serve as a platform to grow an even better understanding between our respective organisations and to build an even stronger and mutually respectful and beneficial future together.


Information provided by the Royal Gibraltar Police to their US counterparts has led to the conviction in the US of Michael PIERCE for child pornography related offences. 

During their investigation into Colin Fisher, who was convicted at the Supreme Court in March 2015 on several counts of Voyeurism, Possession and Showing Indecent Photographs of children, the RGP’s High Tech Crime Unit established that FISHER and PIERCE had been communicating via Skype. 

Acting on the information provided by the RGP, Lake Orion Police Department initiated an investigation into PIERCE ultimately leading to the search of PIERCE’S home and his arrest.  During the search Lake Orion Police found videos of children being sexually abused.  PIERCE who admitted to recording the videos whilst abusing the children and reportedly told investigators that he ‘is not going to get better’ was charged with 3 counts of ‘Production of Child Pornography.  

It is alleged that PIERCE had taken more than 100 sexually explicit photos and nearly 30 videos, leading Lake Orion Police Chief Jerry Narsh to comment “There is no greater harm, or cancer-like evil inflicted on a child than this type of crime”.

PIERCE who had pled guilty to the charges in September 2016 was sentenced on Wednesday 8th March to 90 years incarceration by the Honourable Judge Sean Cox of the Eastern District of Michigan.

The RGP has once again been thanked and congratulated by the US authorities for their expertise and diligence in their investigations and the assistance afforded to their law enforcement agencies.

The RGP remains committed to the fight against, and the eradication, of the global sexual exploitation of children.


Another large number of bales of Cannabis Resin have been recovered by the Royal Gibraltar Police and HM Customs this morning.

Police were alerted by a local fishing vessel to what appeared to be bales floating in the water on the East Side of the Rock.  A search of the area was initiated by the RGP marine crew that immediately began to recover bales scattered over a large area.  The RGP crew was later joined by HM Customs who assisted in the search.

A total of 40 bales have been recovered by the RGP crew with HM Customs recovering a further 2 bales.  The seized drugs have an approximate weight of 1.26 tonnes and an estimated street vale of £6.3 million.

It is understood that the Guardia Civil has recovered a further 12 bales opposite the La Atunara beach.

So far this year in excess of 4.4 tonnes of Cannabis Resin have been seized from within BGTW by local Law Enforcement Agencies.  This is estimated to have a street value in excess of £22m.