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Neighbourhood Policing is a local service to improve 'quality of life' by working closely with the community. Each neighborhood or estate in Gibraltar has dedicated Neighbourhood Policing Teams that are trained to tackle concerns by using a problem solving approach.

What is Neighbourhood Policing?

Neighbourhood Policing is the police commitment to improve a neighbourhood’s quality of life by working together with partners targeting the issues identified by the neighbourhood.  It is based on local priorities identified by local people.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams are officers dedicated to individual neighbourhoods, with the job of listening to the things that really matter in their area and working together with the community to find sustainable solutions.

Who is involved?

The Royal Gibraltar Police is determined to work in partnership as part of the neighbourhood Policing concept. These partnerships are designed to develop solutions to problems and increase trust and public satisfaction in the police and other agencies.

Some of the partners we work with on a daily basis include:

Government Agencies

Tenants Associations

Community Groups

Private Businesses


Youth Groups

How does it work?

Neighbourhood Policing Teams (NPT) is a concept developed by UK police forces and involves a problem solving approach to policing. It consists of small teams of police officers who are dedicated to policing a certain community or area.

The purpose of neighbourhood policing is to deliver the right people in the right places - and in the right numbers - in order to create safe and secure neighbourhoods.

Neighbourhood policing works by putting the public first. The public want a police force that is:

  • Visible
  • Approachable
  • Responds quickly when needed
  • Deter criminals and catch offenders

What can you do?

You too can be involved in Neighbourhood Policing by getting to know your local neighbourhood policing team members. You can share information and concerns that you may have about issues affecting your area. Visit your local district office, send us an email or give us a call. By doing this you can be part of the working in partnership principles to resolve key issues that affect you.

If you want to find out what we are doing in your area you could follow us on Twitter or visit us on Facebook

Neighbourhood Policing in Gibraltar is all about local policing; police, partners and the community dedicated to working together to identify and tackle issues of concern. This is our approach to tackling crime and reassuring people.  

Our objectives are:

  • To increase trust and confidence in policing
  • To improve quality of service to our community by proactively working in partnerships
  • To increase visibility and contact with our community
  • To reduce anti-social behaviour
  • To tackle under-age drinking
  • To identify opportunities for proactive management of known offenders
  • To effectively respond to domestic violence and child abuse
  • To support victims of crime and vulnerable adults
  • To support the protection of the environment
  • To effectively support our Community