Counter Terrorism Awareness

The Royal Gibraltar Police is committed to protecting our community and improving public safety, by continuing to play an integral part in the fight against International Terrorism. Gibraltar is considered to be a safe place in which to live and work, however, no one is immune from the terrorism threat.

We must never become complacent. 

Be Vigilant and Report Suspicious Behaviour

Police act on information from the public who report suspicious behaviour. Click HERE to download an awareness guide on how you can help.

You too can work in partnership with the RGP to make our community safer – vigilant staff and the general public can disrupt attack planning by reporting suspicious individuals and behaviours.

If you suspect it, report it by contacting the RGP directly:

If Urgent – 199/112 or if Non-Emergency – 20072500.

Provide the police with Place/Date/Time/Persons and Vehicles involved.

Plan now what you will do to STAY SAFE

If caught up in any firearms/terrorist-type incident, whether indoors/outdoors, consider adopting the ‘Stay Safe’ principles of RUN – HIDE – TELL - FOLLOW. An advisory leaflet is available for download HERE

Additionally, for the business community, now is an appropriate time to:

- Review your building response plan to consider your response to emergency situations such as natural disasters, terrorist attacks, etc.

- Consider your business continuity. 




The protection of our communities therefore remains a priority in all of our plans and we will continue to work closely with national and international agencies and law enforcement teams to make Gibraltar a hard target and a hostile operating environment for anyone intent on perpetrating a terrorist attack here.


Terrorist Threat Assessments

Assessments of the level of threat from terrorism are made in consultation with other partner law enforcement agencies in the UK. The current threat level for Gibraltar is SUBSTANTIAL and is graded using the following assessments:-


Counter Terrorism Security Advisors [CTSA]

The Royal Gibraltar Police currently provides protective and counter terrorism advice in order to protect and support businesses and the public sector. The advice which is given using different proactive measures takes into account both conventional and non-conventional terrorist techniques. You can protect your business also against crime and make the work of terrorists more difficult, by investing in security measures which greatly enhances the feeling of security. Here, the ultimate aim is to reduce the vulnerability to terrorist threats, and CTSA officers work very closely with Special Branch Officers and police forces throughout Europe and Worldwide, in order to achieve this. Project Citadel is our local project that provides awareness, education and improved vigilance, not only to police officers, but to all sectors in our community that can help us.

The public can also play a very important role in supporting the Royal Gibraltar Police in the fight against terrorism, by implementing measures that can improve our security. It is essential that everyone always remains vigilant and security conscious about their surroundings and of people that act suspiciously. If you consider anything to be suspicious or is connected with terrorism, contact the Royal Gibraltar Police on telephone number 199.

Alternatively you can submit any information to us by completing the online form below. Any information given will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

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