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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*


Assessment Day

You will be notified by email as to whether you have passed or failed the application.

You will not be permitted to attend the assessment day if you have failed at the application stage.

You no longer need to pass a fitness test as part of recruitment. Fitness will now be assessed and maintained during the training course with a requirement that you achieve a pass in this area by the end of the training course.

We will do everything in our power to get you to the required level, this will include regular fitness sessions during the course.

The assessment day will take place over two days (Saturday & Sunday). You will only attend on one of these days. If the dates have not appeared on our ‘KEY DATES’ table then they are still in the process of being arranged. Once the dates are ‘live’ you will be able to make a booking using the same system as the exam bookings.

If you are late, you will be excluded from participation. The assessment day will run from 09:00 hours to 17:00 hours. You may finish earlier than this time, it depends on the numbers being assessed on the day.

You will not be told this in advance so proceed on the assumption that you will be unavailable between the aforementioned hours.

You must book the day that you would like to attend. There will be no alternative dates to those that are offered.

Due to the administrative set up required for the assessment day, the RGP needs to know numbers well in advance so a closing date for booking will be specified.

If you do not book within the stipulated timescales you will be deemed to have left the process and will not be permitted to participate.

The functionality to manage your own booking will be switched off, again this is so that the RGP can allocated the necessary resources to each day.

It may be necessary for the RGP to change your day, but you will be contacted by telephone in the unlikely event that this becomes necessary.

To make your booking click here.

Your original documentation will be checked on the day.

• You must bring your proof of residency and identity as provided on the application form.

• You must also bring proof of your qualifications.

You do not need qualifications to join the RGP, but any that you have stated on the application form must be verifiable.

It is advisable that you bring a packed lunch. Lunch will not be provided.

There will be a kitchen area with a microwave available. Teas, coffees and water will be provided.

The dress code for the day will be smart casual.



On arrival your documentation will be checked and you will be issued with a name tag that corresponds with your candidate number and the group that you will be attached to for the day. If you are late, or you have not brought the necessary documentation, you may be excluded from participation.




Introductions will be made and the process, rules and format of the day will be explained. It is important to understand that you are being assessed throughout the day. There will be specific exercises where assessors will be responsible for measuring your behaviours and performance against the Competency and Values Framework for policing.

The day will consist of;

1 X Role Play Exercise

1 X Teamwork Exercise

1 x Debate Exercise

3 X Multi Mini Interviews (MMIs)



Role Play Exercise


The pre – read document for this exercise can be accessed by clicking here. You will have received the relevant required password on your confirmation email.

It is important that you study this document to give yourself the best possible chance of a high score on the day. You will have a maximum of two minutes to read a scenario that will be attached to the door you are about to enter. Once inside the room you will see an assessor and the required role players. At this point the assessment will begin.

You will be scored in line with the CVF.


Approximate time : 17 minutes


Teamwork Exercise


The teamwork exercise and the debate exercise will be held in the same room. You will be in a group. There will be multiple assessors. You will be assigned a group task and given instructions and material to complete this task within an allocated time.

You will be scored in line with the CVF.


Approximate time : 30 minutes


Debate Exercise


The teamwork exercise and the debate exercise will be held in the same room. You will be in a group. There will be multiple assessors. Two debate topics will be assigned to the group and you will be given instructions on the parameters of the debate.

You will be scored in line with the CVF.


Approximate time : 30 minutes


Multi Mini Interviews (MMIs)


Being a police officer involves making decisions that are often complex and made under pressure. We are interested in observing your critical thinking skills.

You will be asked to attend three separate rooms where a hypothetical scenario will be posted on the door.

Another copy of the scenario will be on the desk inside. You will have two minutes to read the scenario and think about how you would answer the question posed. You will be provided with a clipboard and pen to make notes. After 2 minutes you will enter the room, where you will meet an assessor and possibly an observer too. You should introduce yourself by candidate number only. Once you have sat down you may begin explaining how you would tackle the situation. You may refer to the scenario brief or your notes at any time.

Each station will last  8 minutes at which point you should move to the next station. There are three separate scenarios and your assessment will be based on an average of all of them. You do not need to use all 8 minutes if you feel that you have answered the question appropriately. The interviewer will listen to you and make notes. There are many free resources available on the Internet to assist you in preparing for this type of exercise. Try searching for ‘Critical Thinking’ and Multiple Mini Interview.

You will be scored in line with the CVF.


Approximate time : 10 minutes (Per MMI)