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*New emergency number for police, fire and ambulance is 999*

Our Vision


To be instrumental in improving, recruitment, retention, and progression of female officers by actively raising awareness and understanding of the issues affecting women in the RGP and to contribute to the professional development of our members.  We will achieve this by adopting our philosophy of, support, inspire, encourgage, empower.



Our Mission


The RGP Women in Policing has been founded to empower the police services' strong, hardworking women. The organisation's mission is to:


1 - Raise awareness and understanding of issues affecting women within the Royal Gibraltar Police and to give women a voice that will be heard and understood.


2 - Encourage ongoing personal and professional development through a self - supporting network to bring about positive change. Gender equality within policing is integral to the RGP WIP mission and the organisation plays a sinificant role in providing a platform for women within the industry.





The RGP are dedicated to making the organisation more diverse. This does not mean lowering quality or standards to achieve this goal.


From a recruitment perspective we are trying to understand why so few females consider joining the RGP.


You will see marketing directed at a female audience but it is important to understand that we are here to remove barriers and allay fears, not give an advantage or lower our standards.


The public rightfully expect that we will always recruit the best people irrespective of how they identify.





What do you think ?


Women in Policing are about to launch our #Icandothat campaign, you will see our presence on social media and at the bottom of this page.



We are working hard to improve our recruitment and selection processes. We are really keen to understand more about what it is that is actually stopping women from applying to the RGP.

We are interested to know more about the ways in which we can improve our recruitment campaign and literature and focus our efforts on alleviating any fears, worries and concerns women may have about joing the police service.


Tell us what makes you think that you can't do this job by clicking on the link below.


I don't think I can ... 


Thank you to all that have taken the time to respond so far. The common themes will be highlighted below when we receive your feedback, concerns or suggestions.


Fitness Related Answers

We can't take away the need for the fitness assessment, but perhaps we can help you to get ready ?

Your career can branch off in different directions but you will always be an officer and therefore deployable. This means that even where your skillset results in you being predominanty office based, a specific level of fitness should be maintained. It is correct that there are currently only annual assessments for specific roles and that there are no forcewide retests under existing contract conditions.

Naturally we would urge that everyone spends time on their fitness for both their physical and mental wellbeing.





Join Us


You can find out more about our recruitment process on the main careers page by clicking here.


Make sure you create your recruitment account and we will contact you when recruitment goes live, as well as for any Women in Policing events that we are holding.