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Please support Public Health Gibraltar advice, avoid attending our public counters. You can contact us through this website or by calling 20072500 (199 for emergencies).

Our Priorities

Our Policing and organisational objectives reflect input from our community via the Gibraltar Police Authority (GPA) that provides a mechanism for enhanced Police accountability through a process of consultation with the community.

Our Policing plan objectives and direction, have been developed with the primary aim of ensuring that Gibraltar becomes a safer place to live, work and visit. Our emphasis on Neighbourhood Policing through prevention and education has reinforced our relationship with the community, especially our youth. We strive for excellence by continually exploring ways to enhance and develop performance by promoting best practice as well as equipping police officers and staff with the necessary tools to thrive in the ever-changing environment we operate in.

The Policing and organisational development challenges we have set ourselves reflect input from staff and senior managers who we involve in discussions regarding our own experiences in delivering a professional policing service. We also consult and work together, where appropriate, with key strategic stakeholders and the community.

Ckick here to view our Strategic Plan 2019 to 2021