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Please support Public Health Gibraltar advice, avoid attending our public counters. You can contact us through this website or by calling 20072500 (199 for emergencies).

Arrests and Enforcement

Over the past 24 hours the RGP have dealt with the following individuals, arrested for a range of offences.

In the early hours of Friday morning, 26 year old Elias BENYOUSSEF was stopped by officers at British Lines Road. He had been previously warned about breaching Civil contingency regulations but could not provide a reasonable account for leaving home and was arrested and later charged with Leaving a place of residence without a valid reason to do so.

In the early hours of Friday, 20 year old Mohamed CHALHI was arrested under the Immigration Asylum and Refugee Act after being found at Castle Street with no valid identification documents. He was further arrested for breaching civil contingency regulations. After being interviewed he was charged with being found in Gibraltar without a valid permit or certificate and Leaving a place of residence without a valid reason to do so and remains in Custody pending his appearance at Magistrates’ Court.

39 year old Francisco Javier Lopez Coca was arrested at Glacis Estate after being challenged and found to be under the influence of alcohol and refusing to return to his residence. He was arrested and charged for Leaving a place of residence without a valid reason to do so.

After a report of an attempted burglary at a residential address at Naval Hospital Road, 32 year old Nicholas VALVERDE and 24 year old Soukaina BABED were arrested for the offences of attempted burglary, going equipped for theft and breach of civil contingency regulations. They were later arrested for 4 counts of damaging property and 2 counts of theft relating to vehicles damaged at St Josephs' estate and Nelsons View, in addition BABED was charged with possession of a controlled class B drug after being searched and found with a small piece of cannabis resin. Both were interviewed and charged with these offences and remain in Custody pending their appearance in Court.

After reports of suspected tobacco activity at the Frontier fence officers searched the area of British Lines Road and discovered 36 year old Jose Luis SERRANO SABEO hiding within a hole in the ground. He was arrested for entering Gibraltar other than through an Immigration Post and in breach of civil contingency regulations and subsequently was charged for these offences.

On Friday morning a 38 year old male was arrested at Winston Churchill Avenue for the offence of riding a motorcycle whilst over the prescribed limit of alcohol, he is currently on Police bail.

On Friday evening a 37 year old male was arrested at Devils Tower Road for Driving whilst being over the prescribed limit of alcohol and leaving a place of residence without a valid reason to do so. He is currently on Police bail.